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Galleria d'Arte Il Salotto via Carloni 5/c 22100 Como
su quel sasso c'era scritto... c'era scritto su quel sasso

mostra tematica interdisciplinare
23 ottobre - 18 novembre 2004

Penelope M. Mackworth Praed
Serpentine - 2002
acciaio e pietra - h. cm. 22


To say this piece symbolizes this, or that, is too definite. That it comes out of my persona racial cultural landscape memory is probably the nearest I can get. The South Coast of Cornwall, the Celtic edge of the west of Britain, tapers off to the south into the Atlantic Ocean. The rugged peninsula of Cornwall formed of a hard granite core and a multiplex of mineral deposits is pounded incessantly by the sea against its high unyielding cliffs, which have formed over innumerable millennia into coves and crags where the Ocean mercilessly eddies retreats and returns with every tide. The weather in a constant state of change creates a land of mist and rainbows, which like the sea invade and disperse over the dampened earth ,giving moments of sun drenched clarity interspersed with mist, fog, storms, gails, battering winds and soft sea breezes, all changing from hour to hour and minute to minute and threading through the craggy, hilly, bent, rocky landscape.
The wildest and most southerly tip of Cornwall is Lizard point where the serpentine cliffs fall vertically from the end of a sparsely populated high moor of grass and small gnarled wind bent trees leaning in the direction of the incessant prevailing coastal wind. It was from the beech of this cove, that many years ago, I took this rock.
A point where from these rugged coves historically the wreckers and plunderers of former times, on foul and stormy nights, by mimicking the lighthouses of Falmouth and Plymouth harbours lured the merchant ships bound for these ports to their doom against the rocks of the bidden coves of the Lizard.
A land of an ancient language already spoken at the time of the Roman invasion of Britain. A !and of rainbows, mists, of twilights, of endless change and the ceaseless pounding of the sea. A land of blue and silver light which W.B. Yeats describes as” heavens’ embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light”. It is perhaps something of this which has made this piece.

Nota biografica

Penelope Margaret Mackworth-Praed è nata a Londra (GB)nel 1949 ed è cresciuta nella campagna sudorientale inglese dopo il trasloco della famiglia.
Formazione presso Wimbledon, Falmouth e Epsom Colleges of Art and Design. Diplomata nel 1976.
1969-1972: Prime costruzioni utilizzando una base numerica, caratteristica di tutti i suoi lavori.
1972-1974: Soggiorni prolungati in Medio Oriente e in Asia del Sud per lo studio e la conferma delle comuni basi numeriche alla radice dell'arte e dell'architettura di molte culture differenti.
1977: Matrimonio con il compositore Paul Glass e trasferimento permanente in Svizzera.
Dal 1982: docente universitaria di scultura a tempo parziale al Franklin College Switzerland, Lugano-Sorengo.
Dal 1985: membro attivo della Società Pittori, Scultori e Architetti Svizzeri (SPSAS)

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