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Galleria d'Arte Il Salotto via Carloni 5/c 22100 Como
su quel sasso c'era scritto... c'era scritto su quel sasso

mostra tematica interdisciplinare
23 ottobre - 18 novembre 2004


Paul Glass
dalla partitura: sinfonia n.5 - ad modum missae
... notare l'uso del litofono ...


Paul Glass was born in Los Angeles in 1934 and received a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Southern California in 1956, having studied with Boris Blacher, Ingolf Dahl and Hugo Priedhofer. He pursued his studies with Geoffredo Petrassi in Rome, Roger Sessions at Princeton University and Witold Lutoslawski in Warsaw. In 1962 he returned to the United States, where he composed both film and concert music. Whilst in England in 1965 he wrote the music to Otto Preminger’s film Bunny Lake Is Missing’, He later spent four years in France, where he made a concentrated study of the works of Anton Webern. He subsequently returned to America once again and wrote a large quantity of music for the concert stage and television. In 1973 he settled in Carona/Ticino, in ltalian-speaking Switzerland, obtaining citizenship in 1995. He currently teaches theory and composition at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana (Lugano) and music at Franklin College Switzerland (Sorengo), as weIl as continuing with his own compositional work. He has won a number of prizes, among them from the Los Angeles Chamber Symphony, Broadcast Music incorporated, the Warsaw Department of Culture, SME, and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Recent commissions have come from: WDR (Cologne), the Musica Mendrisiotto Association, Settimane Musicali di Ascona and Pro Helvetia.

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